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We need your support for the 2019-2020
North Carolina Future City Regional Competition!

NC Future Cities is looking for at least 7 industry professionals to be Mentors!

Mentors volunteer directly with students and share real-life STEM experiences, offer technical guidance, and help translate academic concepts into real work of engineering and city design for middle school students across North Carolina. Here is a current list of schools in need:

We hope you will share this request with your employees and encourage them to take time to volunteer for this wonderful program. Print this flyer [penc.us15.list-manage.com] to post in the office.
If you are interested in mentoring, please sign up using this link Mentor [penc.us15.list-manage.com] or email Eric.Misak@wsp.com.

Future City Competition

The mission of the National Engineers Week Future City Competition is to provide a fun and exciting educational engineering program for seventh- and eighth-grade students that combines a stimulating engineering challenge with a "hands-on" application to present their vision of a city of the future. The competition is intended to: foster engineering skills such as teamwork, communication and problem solving; provide interaction among students, teachers, and engineer mentors; inform the community about the multi-disciplines within the engineering profession; and to inspire students to explore futuristic concepts and careers in engineering.

The National Engineers Week Future City Competition requires:

·         Problem-solving

·         Team work

·         Research and presentation skills

·         Practical math and science applications

·         Computer skills

The competition employs a team-based approach. All members of the team have an important role that is necessary for the completion of the project.Participants complete five deliverables: a virtual city design (using SimCity); a 1,500-word city essay; a scale model built from recycled materials; a project plan, and a presentation to judges at Regional Competitions in January. Regional winners represent their region at the Finals in Washington, DC in February. After completing Future City, student participants are not only prepared to be citizens of today’s complex and technical world, but also poised to become the drivers of tomorrow.

Engineering and So Much More
This flexible, cross-curricular educational program gives students an opportunity to do the things that engineers do—identify problems; brainstorm ideas; design solutions; test, retest and build; and share their results. This process is called the engineering design process. With this at its center, Future City is an engaging way to build students’ 21st century skills. Students participating in Future City:

·         Apply math and science concepts to real-world issues

·         Develop writing, public speaking, problem solving, and time management skills

·         Research and propose solutions to engineering challenges

·         Discover different types of engineering and explore careers options

·         Learn how their communities work and become better citizens

·         Develop strong time management and project management skills

Future City is one of the nation’s leading engineering education programs and has received national recognition and acclaim for its role in encouraging middle schoolers to develop their interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

·         In 2017, Future City was recognized as the Most Innovative Hands-On Program by the US2020 STEM Mentoring Awards.

·         In 2016, the Future City Competition received the Henry C. Turner Prize for Innovation in Construction, presented by Turner Construction Company and the    National Building Museum. 

·         In 2015, Future City was named the grand prize winner in the UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) Innovative Education Award program and received a $100,000 award. The ULIEA program highlights the essential, urgent and significant value of E-STEM education.

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