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2020 Fundraising Challenge Campaign

Calling All Supporters of Engineering & STEM Education !

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Professional Engineers of North Carolina (PENC) Educational Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that administers funding for PENC's educational service programs. The Foundation’s purpose is to promote science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education by providing scholarships to students in the field of engineering, by developing programs that promote STEM education such as MATHCOUNTS┬« and Future City, and by supporting math and science educational initiatives.

The Foundation’s student scholarships are funded by endowments invested in financial instruments in regulated stock, bond, and money markets. While the many volunteers who manage and lead the educational programs contribute their time without compensation, the Foundation relies on a professional management firm to conduct daily business and incurs additional expenses for a web site, banking services, insurance, and an operating license. Usually, the Foundation hosts an annual charitable golf tournament to raise money to pay for these operating expenses so that the principal of the endowments can be preserved to fund the scholarships.

This year, however, based on recommendations from the US Center for Disease Control (CDC), North Carolina’s government, and health professionals for reducing the spread of the Covid 19 pandemic, there will be no in-person PENC Educational Foundation golf tournament so as to not put participants at risk for becoming infected. To help pay this year’s operating expenses, we ask all persons and organizations interested in engineering education to make a financial contribution by pledging a donation at the following link.

Challenge Donation [penceducationalfoundation.org]

Six outstanding engineering students were awarded scholarships this year. In normal years, hundreds of enthusiastic middle school students participate in MATHCOUNTS and Future City competitions. Your tax-deductible gift is needed this year more than ever to support these programs that contribute to the education of the next generation of our young engineers and other STEM professionals. The goal is to raise $10,000 by year’s end. All contributors will be recognized below by name and by posting a company or other organizational logo.

Thank You for Your Financial Support!

Financial information about this organization and a copy of its license are available from the State Solicitation Licensing Branch at 919-814-5400. The license is not an endorsement by the State of North Carolina.






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